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The community to discuss and write stories.
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A community for all writers to get together and discuss anything that relates to writing a story.


What are we about?

towriteastory is a community for all types of writers to get together and discuss various things that surround writing a story. There will be discussions about to how to start a story, how to plan a story, how long a chapter/story should be, how to get rid of writer's block, etc. Any writer is welcomed to join as long as they participate. We will be making sweeps every so often and deleting members who do not contribute. They are allowed back in (unless they've been banned for something serious) as long as they actually participate the second time. We don't want to come off rude, but we're serious about this community. We want it to actually help writers.
What is allowed?

Stories: As long as you’re comfortable with sharing your work then go ahead and post it. See the right hand side though for the format to post it in.
Discussion Posts: We, the mods, will usually be the ones who post discussions. They will be weekly and will hopefully benefit all of you, the members, here. If you don't see a topic that you think a lot of people would like to discuss then use the Page-A-Mod system and comment with the desired comment. The mods will talk it over and if we all think it's a good idea then we'll let you post it.
Mixes: Do you have a select group of songs that you always listen to while writing? Do you think these songs will help other writers in the community? Then go ahead and post it. As of now there isn't a format for posting a mix.
Questions/tips: Every week we will post a questions and tip post. This will be used for members to ask their questions about writing. Members can also post their tips or advice for writing better, not getting writer's block, etc.
What is not allowed?

Anything that isn't relevant to writing.
Fanfiction: This is a site for your own original works. There are plenty of fanfiction communities. Go find those.
Introduction posts: We will have those every once in a while.
Plagiarism: If we find out you plagiarized any of your work, you WILL be banned.
Drama/bashing: For crying out loud, people! If you don't like what you see then just skip it.
Lurkers: There is a reason you have to request membership for this community. We will check your profile out and look at your comments. If you're journal is new or your 'comments posted' area is low then you will be rejected. If you know you will participate in this community, then you can Page-A-Mod.
How to do I post a story?

Want to post a story? Awesome! We just ask that when posting you use this posting format:

If you are going to post the story in the entry then put it UNDER THE CUT! There's nothing wrong with letting people have easy access to your story but we don't need your post taking up the whole page.


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